The Earth is alive and dreams through all her beings.

In the spectrum of life forms, humans have been given the unique opportunity to consciously create beauty, express gratitude and through these acts be stewards of the Earth. EarthDreaming supports each person to discover their unique expression of these gifts. As we align with, and manifest, our true inner nature the Earth can dream fully through us and we return to a healthy vital way of being that is in harmony with all of life.  This is the process of inner re-wilding.

We recognize that this can be a challenging journey that can take great courage in these modern times. With all the pressures of being a successful person in Western culture, many of us become tethered to a way of being that is not a true expression of our deepest/fullest desires. EarthDreaming is here to help you to hear your inner calling, stay courageous in the process of manifestation and to keep your unique dream alive.

As we re-vitalize our emotional connection with the Earth, we also receive soul healing. This healing is towards holos, a wholeness that can only be reached through relationship with the rest of life, all her creatures, plants, stones, trees, earth, stars, our fellow humans and more. So it is that we also remember and enliven our soul contract, to be stewards of our Earthly home.

Vital - from Latin vitalis "of or belonging to life"

Courage - from Old French corage "heart, innermost feelings; temper" 

Wild - Old English wilde "in the natural state, uncultivated, untamed, undomesticated, uncontrolled"

Holos - Greek, "whole, entire, complete", as a noun "the universe"

In alignment with this vision, Earthdreaming offers a variety of different programs that collectively weave together the body, heart, spirit and soul.